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Designed around the popular ZN414 ic this receiver covers the AM band from 550 - 1600 KHz with the values shown. For Longwave the coil needs to be changed. Use one from an old MW radio to save time. The ZN414 is a tuned radio frequency designed and incorporates several RF stages and an AM detector.  It is easily overloaded and the operating voltage is critical to achieve good results.

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         The BC107 acts as a voltage follower, the four 1N4148 diodes providing a stable 2.4V supply. With the 10k pot , which acts as a selectivity control, and the b-e voltage drop of the BC107, the operating voltage for the ZN414 is variable from 0 to 1.8volts DC. If you live in an area that is permeated with strong radio signals, then the voltage will need to be decreased. I found optimum performance with a supply of around 1.2 volts.


The audio amplifier  is built around an inverting 741 op-amp. Extra current boost is provided using the BC109 / BC179 complementary transistor pair.  The voltage gain of the complete audio amplifier is around 15.  The audio output of the complete receiver is really quite good and free from distortion. I may provide some sound samples later..

Title: ZN414 Portable AM Receiver
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