Digital integrated circuits II
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In the last chapter we saw how electronic logic gates can be constructed from other electronic logic gates, however, as far as the hobbyist or the person starting out in electronics is concerned, knowing that logic gates can be created this way is one thing. No-one in their right mind would actually go about creating anything other than the simplest of logic gates like that, because its just too time-consuming and too expensive. ICs represent the only sensible option.

Now were going to take a look at some IC logic gates, in the form of the same sort of ICs weve already studied and experimented with. The ICs shown over the next few pages represent only the tip of the digital IC iceberg though, as Ive only shown some of the most common and simplest. The digital circuits well look at later in this chapter are all available in one IC form or another as well, so the list of available ICs is very long indeed not just the few shown here.

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