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This set of two circuits from the basis for a very simple light wave transmitter. A LASER beam is modulated and then aimed at a receiver that demodulates the signal and then presents the information (voice, data, etc..). The whole thing is very easy to build and requires no specialized parts execpt for the LASER itself. LASERs are available from MWK Industries.


Schematic Of Transmitter

Schematic for LASER transmitter

Schematic Of Receiver
Schematic for LASER receiver


Part Total Qty. Description Substitutions
C1, C2 2 0.1uf Ceramic Disc Capacitor  
C3 1 100uf 25V Electrolytic Capacitor  
R1 1 100K Ohm 1/4W Resistor  
R2 1 1M Ohm 1/4W Resistor  
R3 1 10K Pot  
Q1 1 NPN Phototransistor  
U1 1 741 Op Amp  
U2 1 LM386 Audio Amp  
SPKR1 1 8 Ohm Speaker  
T1 1 8 Ohm:2K Audio Transformer  
MISC 1 Wire, Board, Knob For R3, LASER Tube and Power Supply  


1. In the transmitter schematic, no ballast resistor is shown because most small LASER power supplies already have one built in. Yours may differ, and a resistor may be needed.

2. The receiver should be kept away from bright lights. You may want to put a piece of wax paper in front of Q1 to keep the LASER from swamping it.

3. In order to get any decent amount of modulation, you may need to drive T1 with more then a watt.

4. The circuit can be made to transmit computer data with the use of two modem chips.

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