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Tendency of catering: + 12V/1A DC

Frequency of emission at AM: ~27MHz

Force of expense: 2,5W

txcb.png (11342 bytes)




The resistances are 1/4W.

R1 10KW
R2 100KW
R3 39W
R4 180W
R5 4,7KW
R6 1MW
R7 3,9KW
C1, C9, C10 100nF polyester
C2 33pF ceramic
C3 470pF ceramic
C4 4,7nF polyester
C5 1nF ceramic
C6 10-60pF trimmer
C7 220nF polyester
C8 10mF/25V electrolytic
C11 47mF/25V electrolytic
C12 1,5nF ceramic
J1, J2, J3 VK200 (inductor of high frequencies).
L1, L2 Wires of coper (smaltwme'na) with diameter 0,4mm wrapped in plastic support of diameter 6-7mm of perjstrofjkoy' core. For the L1 you wrap 13 coils. For the L2   you wrap 4 coils. (As in the receptor CB.)
L3 Wrap 20 coils cupreous wire of (0,3-0,4mm diameter) convolution round a resistance 2,2W/2W of coal.
Q1, Q2 BC108
Q3 BD139
Q4 2N4427 (it is not replaced)
Q5 BD329 (or 2N3553)
Y1, Y2? Crystal hails. (You can you put the so much, those who also channels that you want you emit). See here.
MIC microphone with preamplifier.
ANT1 Aerial for CB (For the trials is enough a piece wire of few metres but better connects a regular aerial so that does not have many stagnantly and burns the transmitter).
S1 (Choice of receptor of - transmitter, if you combine the transmitter with the receptor CB, you are supplied the receptor from exit 12V OUT)
S2 Switch of choice of channel. It has so much places, those who also the channels that you want pja'nete.(Kaly'tera he is mechanically connected with the S1 of receptor for simultaneous change of channels).

Charge 50W:

txcbtest.png (2216 bytes)


R1, R2 100W/2W
C1 47nF ceramic
C2 4,7nF ceramic
J1 VK200 (inductor of high frequencies).
D1 Passage of germanium (AA119 or OA92 or..).


For the regulation it needs a voltmeter (with needle better) and charge 50W/5W.

    1. Connect charge 50W in the place of aerial, with the voltmeter in the exit voltmeter.
    2. Be supplied the transmitter with + 12V. It will be supposed we have consumption between 0,7-1A.
    3. With a screwdriver we regulate the core of inductor L1/L2 and later the variable C6 until we see the biggest tendency
    4. We connect the microphone and speaking we observe the clue in the multimeter. If all have become right will be supposed the tendency, speaking, to go up roughly 30-35%.

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