MK414 SW Receiver
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A Short Wave Receiver based on the MK484 (formerly ZN414) that includes the tropical bands and 49 metre bands.

MK 484 SW Receiver

MK414 SW Receiver circuit

The original data sheet for the MK414 states a maximum working frequency is around 4 MHz. SW transmissions are so powerful that this receiver will work well with signals up to about 6 or 7 MHz. The 10k resistor controls the operating voltage for the IC which is critical for good performance.

Coil Details:
The tuned circuit consists of a variable capacitor and fixed air spaced coil. For the coil, I wound between 10 and 20 turns of wire on an empty tube of around 1.5 inches diameter. The turns were spaced so that the overall length was around 3 inches. The variable capacitor tuned 0 - 300 pF but there is plenty of scope for experiment here. One final point, you will need an external antenna to receive broadcasts. I have an outside wire that is about 7 meters long and this was quite effective. The antenna can be connected at either end of the coil or via a series capacitor value between 10pF and 100pF.

Circuit : Andy Collinson

Title: MK414 SW Receiver
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