1GHz Simple Frequency Counter
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This simple counter is useful for frequency measurements of various wireless equipments, especially transmitters, receivers and signal generators in VHF/UHF band. The SAB6456 is a prescaler for UHF/VHF tuners. The circuit has an input frequency range of 70 MHz to 1 GHz, has high input sensitivity and good harmonic suppression. With lower sensitivity it's usable down to 3 MHz. The circuit comprises an input amplifier, a divider stage and an output stage. The divider stage may oscillate during no-signal conditions but this oscillation is suppressed when input signals are received. The voltage-edges of the output signals are slowed internally to reduce harmonics in the television intermediate frequency band.

Technical specifications:

Supply voltage: 8-20 V
Supply current: typ. 80 mA, max. 120 mA
Input sensitivity: max. 10 mV in 70-1000 MHz range
Measuring period: 0,082 sec.
Display refresh rate: 49 Hz

Download the PIC16F84 firmware (1KB)

Title: 1GHz Simple Frequency Counter
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Electronic circuits > Test and measurement > 1GHz Simple Frequency Counter