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Connecting a LCD display to your personal computer is an easy job. Displaying data from your PC to a LCD can be proven very exiting, so give it a try and build your own today!

In this article we will use a 2 lines x 16 characters LCD display with Hitachi HD44780 onboard controller. You can use any size of LCD like 1x16, 2x40, 4x20 e.t.c but keep in mind that it must have HD44780 or or compatible controller which is the most popular at this kind of LCD displays.

We will use a free printer port (LPT) for communication between LCD module and PC. For this interconnection we only need 10 wires between LCD and LPT and two additional wires for power.

To control the LCD there are some free programs that can do that job very well and providing many capabilities. We will discover them later.

First of all let's see what parts you need:


A LCD display. This one is a 2x16 with HD44780 compatible chipset and backlight. The model number is SSC2B16DLYY. As you see in image we bought it 14.5 Euro.

Download Datasheet (pdf)


Some male and female pin arrays. You need 16 if you have a LCD with backlight or 14 otherwise.

 A printer cable. Can be found anywhere and it's cheap.


 A Molex cable with additional cables at red (+5) and black (GND) to power with them the LCD. This is connected between an existing power cable and a pc's device.

Also you need soldering tools and pence. Assuming you have already this kind of tools

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Electronic circuits > PC related > Build your own printer cable LCD Display