What you need

Obviously, youll need some basic tools and equipment. Just exactly what these are and how much they cost depends primarily on quality. But some of these tools, as youll see in the next few pages, are pretty reasonably priced, and well worth having. Other expensive tools and equipment which the professionals often have can usually be substituted with tools or equipment costing only a fraction of the price. So, as youll see, electronics is not an expensive hobby. Indeed, its potential reward in terms of enjoyment and satisfaction can often be significantly greater than its cost.

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In this first chapter Ill give you a rundown of all the important tools and equipment: the ones you really do need. Theres also some rough guidelines to their cost, so youll know what youll have to pay. Tools and equipment we describe here, however, are the most useful ones youll ever need and chances are youll be using them as long as youre interested in electronics. For example, Im still using the side-cutters I got over twenty years ago. Thats got to be good value for money.

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